Kids And Mucus

Maybe it's just an unavoidable part of growing up and getting the first colds but both of our kids (4 and 10 months) have had lots of mucus. With the 4 year old we can work to make the diet more bulletproof I'm sure. However, with the 10 month he was just weaned from breastfeeding and we have him on formula (Baby's Only ARA/DHA). 


I'm wondering what we can do when he catches one of these colds (usually from his sister who is in preschool) and has lots of mucus?


  • Could they be allergic to milk (assuming you give it the )?
  • This may sound crazy but when my daughter was wee and she got sick I would chop up large yellow onion super fine and keep it in on the nightstand next to her while she slept. I'd go in and stir it up a bit now and then...helped her breath a bit easier.

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