I Tried Bulletproof. But Now I'm Allergic To Chocolate :_(

edited April 2016 in The Bulletproof Diet
Years ago, I tried Bulletproof low-carb. Soon I suffered from poor sleep, dry eyes, and "extreme" physical and emotional stress.

I'm now acutely allergic to:


anything containing "vanilla",



and also eggs, but the symptoms are slight.

but not coffee or grass-fed butter :)

How do I know? After eating these, I suffer:

Anxiety, bloating, poor sleep, dry eyes, and/or physical signs of inflammation, for one to several days.

Avoiding all trigger-foods is a daily ritual. Maybe once a week or once a month, I add a little of a trigger food, to test myself. I'm not getting more resilient.

Avoiding trigger foods seems to not be sufficient to eliminate these food allergies.


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