Bulletproof - Increased Anger & Moods

My partner have been strictly following the bpd for about a week now, and in general everything is okay.. apart from our moods. I wonder if this is just sugar withdrawl, although I am not craving any sugar.

It's gotten to the point where we are at each other's throats all the time, and i am feeling such intense anger which takes much longer to subside. Previously, when we fought i would feel sad and get emotional and it would eventually pass. This feels so different.. I am stuck with this burning rage inside of me I cannot get rid of. It is so unlike me.

Did others experience this? I've googled it and searched the forums but couldn't find anything.

Apart from my mood i feel pretty phenomenal, i want to stick through this but it's quite disheartening.


  • What exactly are you eating? My first thought would be hypoglycaemia as Jason mentioned. Buy the most accurate blood glucose monitor you can find to rule that out first.

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  • thank you for helping.

    I am going to try a re-feed day today and see if that helps.

    A typical day is bulletproof coffee for breakfast, fish and veggies for lunch, meat veggies and sometimes sweet potato for dinner, then dark chocolate afterwards.

    Hoping it's just teething problems and will pass
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    Buy the most accurate blood glucose monitor you can find to rule that out first.

    Or simply eat more carbs and see if you get back to normal. Depends on how much you want to geek out and spend

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  • This happens for me too. I find myself getting in a pissy mood after a few days of low carb. I used to cycle low carb days with some re-feed days, but admittedly I fell into some bad habits for a while of eating carbs all the time. Now, I am having a hard time with mood and concentration. Is the answer to do it more gradually in the beginning?

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    What are your macros supposed to look like on the BPD on a normal day (days where you're not carb refeeding)?

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    If this persists, also check your testosterone level. I am a happy person and I was getting insanely angry in the afternoon. I had also just spent a year dieting and exercising and lost 12 pounds (my norm was 10 pounds a month so 12 pounds in a year was making me angry, too!). My testosterone level was really high! There's almost no research or data on it - most everything you can find on line deals with low t. I've just come back to BP - this is Day 4 so I am reacquainting myself on the forum. Good luck!

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