Can I Be Bulletproof With A Shorter Intermittent Fast?


I am having a hard time making it to 1:30 with my IF. We get up very early (5:00 am) and 1:30 is a loooong way away every morning. I'm 57 and have only about 13 lbs and 10% BF to lose, but it is stubborn....moving very, very slowly.

I feel weak and unmotivated. Low energy. Can I still be BP, lose weight and body fat, if I have a BP coffee and then a couple hours later have some eggs with veggies, MCT's (around 10:00 am) and then fast (except for a couple of homemade fat bombs) until dinner (usually around 7:00 pm)?

I like to go to the gym and yoga class and walk... I tend to be pretty active. But now I can't seem to get moving... Watching the clock so I can break my fast.

I am incorporating Daves products, and going BP in grass fed meats, eggs, veggies, etc.




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    Absolutely.  The point of IF is to increase performance, not reduce it.  It is not simply an exercise in dietary endurance.  It's one thing to get out of our comfort zone and challenge your metabolism to increase flexibility, but it's another to deny feeding after periods of increased activity.  I would try eating when you're hungry most days, then, one day a week, try and widen your window ever so slightly.  See if you get better results that way.

  • I had this very same problem. I'm a teacher and I get up very early and most of my expenditure of brain and physical energy happens before 12 noon so waiting until so late to eat a first meal (I was trying for noon because I eat dinner early) was too long and painful.


    What I stumbled upon as easier is to eat an earlier last meal. Sometimes I'm done by 4pm and then the rest of the evening I'm fine, I sleep well, I wake up hungry but bulletproof coffee holds me until about 10 when I have my first meal. This is WAY easier on my body for some reason, even though it's the same amount of time fasted. 


    10am is about as late as I can comfortably go. Anyone else find variations like this in the hours you choose to fast? Not how MANY hours, but THE actual hours? It's a weird phenomenon to me

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