Ghee Plus Coconut Oil Plus Mct

Preparing to start the full BPD. Here in Japan it turns out buying Ghee was a little more cost-effective for me, but I hear it doesnt emulsify well... so far Ive been kind of prepping for BPC with coconut oil blended into my coffee. 

Would the coconut oil help it emulsify maybe? When my ghee arrives, do you think a mix of ghee, coconut oil and MCT would be pretty Bulletproof, good for using with IF?

Also I heard an egg yolk could help emulsification, is the protein a good idea for the morning drink though, for IF...?

Thanks for the advice. 


  • It kind of depends on what you use for a blender.  If I try to blend ghee and MCT oil into coffee using an immersion blender, I end up with a few oily puddles floating at the top of my coffee (not as satisfying).  I tried it in a 'magic bullet', and it seemed to work great.

    I don't think the coconut oil will help the emulsification, honestly.  The egg yolk thing works!  I did that for a while and was happy with the result.  You'll definitely still achieve ketosis, but I'm not quite sure if the protein in an egg yolk would sabotage your IF.  When I make BPC using ghee, what I usually do is add just a tiny bit of butter.  It is surprisingly effective.

  • Best way to emulsify ghee is to add a small amount of sunflower lecithin.

    Makes the most delicious creamy, frothy BP coffee.

    The one I use is Now Foods brand which I got from iherb.
  • Awesome thanks for all the tips! Currently I do use a 'magic bullet' so perhaps it will would out fine. I dont think I can find sunflower lecithin in my area, but Ill look. I may also buy some butter if it turns out emulsion is an issue. 

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