Suggestions For Iced Bp Coffee?

Hi everybody! I love my bp coffee, but in the summer months it's just too hot to drink. If I let it cool, it separates and doesn't taste as good, even after shaking. Any options out there to get the goodness of bp coffee w/o sweating? I welcome all recommendations! Thanks in advance.


  • Sadly it is just the nature of the drink. If the oils and fats fall below a certain temperature, they start to solidify and congeal. Cold BPC is pretty unpleasant for the average texture drinker. You might want to try Dave's new Insta-mix, I heard it is easily mixed, though typically in hot coffee, not cold coffee. It might be worth it to ask around or try it out yourself.


    Hope that helps :)

  • I don't have any major problems getting iced BP coffee. I first use a K-cup of an Organic Coffee that the provider says is mycotoxin free. I then add in 1 tbsp each of Grass Fed Butter and Brain Octane and blend it in a Magic Bullet for about 10 seconds. I then pour the result over a bunch of ice and I'm good to go. I drink it in 1 hr max and have not had the clumping problem. Waiting over an hour might get me some clumps. 

  • I haven't tried making this myself, but I asked them how they do it at the BP coffee shop. They said what they do is blend just a small amount of hot coffee with the butter/brain octane, and then pour that over ice and cold coffee. 

  • I tried making BP iced coffee as well with the same result (clumpy coffee). It weirded me out to much to drink more than just a few sips. I made just the regular coffee (pour over) and let it sit in the fridge all night. The next morning I blended it with my kerrygold butter and brain octane oil and had a think layer of milky foamy sludge on top. 


    I guess the only real way is to pour hot BP coffee in with some ice, but I feel like it would get watered down too quickly...

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