Help With Bipolar/schizophrenia Using Bulletproof

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Hi Gang,

My daughter, 21 years old, just transferred to a 4-year school after successfully completing community college.  She is a sweet, sensitive, kind, and a very bright girl.  Within 2 weeks of enrolling at school she had her first 5150 and a full-blown psychotic break. For those who don't know a 5150 is a mandatory stay in a hospital for evaluation as you have been deemed either dangerous to yourself or others.  She is and has been tried on several medications, none of which has worked for long. She has been initially diagnosed as schizophrenic, then schizo-affective, and then, most recently, bipolar with psychotic features.


In the last 3 months she has had a total of FIVE of these and is currently in an in-patient hospital.  The traditional doctors SUCK (and I am speaking as someone with a PhD in psychology) and they have violated every rule I know of in treating her. Does anyone have any help/hacks that we can use to help her?  Please?  Any information at all as this is ripping us apart....


Thanks in advance for any help you can.



  • Did they give her lithium ever? I'd look into that. I can vouch for lithium orotate being fairly safe and effective on me (a stable individual at the time of supplementation, but with a history of mental illness). Very mood-stabilizing.

    Also, definitely control any potential glutamate exitotoxicity. L-theanine and magnesium are great for this, but be careful not to overdo the magnesium. Lithium may help as well. Avoid MSG and aspartate, and processed foods in general (hydrolyzed, autolyzed, "spices", flavoring).

    Very important: find out if she has any methylation/folate cycle defects. Specifically MTHFR and COMT, but there are others. There's a lot of research to do in order to fully understand this subject. I encourage you to google more, but you can start here:

    Mental illness is a symptom of a biological and/or emotional problem. Labels only characterize the symptoms. They do not directly point to the root cause.

    Recreational drugs usually don't help the condition, but I'm sure you knew this.

  • HegReg33 -


    Thank you so much for the post!  I really appreciate it.  My daughter is now on a course that includes lithium.  We have been researching like crazy and saw the ideas of concerning methylation/folate...  Thank you again for this insight... My wife and I truly appreciate you sharing this with us.  I totally agree about your statement about mental illness is a biological/emotional problem.  I would say her environment could have been a factor but she really was raised in a loving, stimulating environment.  Part of this could be that she came 15 weeks early and only weighed 1.5 pounds at birth... There is a much higher risk of all kinds of things that can go wrong when someone is that premature but we've been very lucky and she's done amazingly well until now. 

    Again, thank you from the bottom of our heart!


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