Weekly Diet Plan?

Can someone share their weekly diet plan on bulletproof? I have the shopping list and foods to buy but need help with planning out the meals for a week..I see the no protein day has a meal plan but what about the other days?  Thanks


  • mistamista
    edited April 2016

    Here's a rough, no frills stack of common foods that sets you up with around 81,000 different meals... the foods that I tend to draw from is many times larger than this list.



    There's a bulletproof infographic with similar options:



    Basically, I just go into the grocery store and see if they have anything new that I'm not used to seeing.  (Eg. organic purple cauliflower isn't always an option, and neither are grass-fed bison livers.)  The nuts / oils from my grocery stores are usually pretty lame, so I get those online.  You'll have to see what you can get, and just aim for high-quality food that runs cleanly for you as an individual, then have fun with it and experiment.  There's always cronometer.com / google if you want to dive in further and weigh out the pros / cons for any individual food or micronutrient / macronutrient ratio.

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