Slow Recovery From Cold/bronchitis With Low Temperature

My stepson brought me a case of bronchitis home from college over the holidays. Great Christmas present.

I did take a course of antibiotics (Z-pack) between Christmas and New Years, it may have done nothing but cause trouble, but my doctor thought it prudent at the time.

I have taken probiotics "Megadophilus" to try to offset the worst affects of the antibiotics.

While I've gotten a bit better, I still have a dry cough, sinus congestion, and fatigue (I watched 5 seasons of the West Wing on Netflix, that should give you an idea of how much time I've had to go horizontal).

This has gone on for nearly a month now.

I have had an additional and very puzzling symptom. Through the entire month, even at the worst of the bronchitis, my temperature has hovered well below a normal 98.6 degrees. While I appreciate, that normal temperature can vary from this, my normal temperature comes in a 98.6.

Over the past month my temperature has ranged between 96.2 and 97.3 degrees, never rising to or above 98 degrees on any occasion that I measured it. I've even tried different thermometers to make certain I didn't have a bad one and get consistent readings with all of them.

What might cause this?

If thyroid regulates temperature and if I still have some viral (or other) pathogen in my body could it have some reason to skew the thyroid's regulation of my temperature?

In my experience, even good clinicians don't even think about low temperature.

High temperature = infection.

Low temperature = not infection (but really means they didn't learn about this in med school).

Any bio hacking insights into this?


  • I also suffer from low body temperature. It began when I reduced my body fat percentage.

    But I also started supplementing with iodine. My blood panel in September measured my TSH level at 23, which indicates hypothyroidism. I researched it some more, and people prone to Hashimoto's disease do not react well to megadoses of iodine.

    I've seen then reduced my intake of iodine. My latest blood panel evidenced my TSH level coming in at ~ 3, which is normal. I'm still constantly cold though.

    My questions for you are threefold:

    1) what's your TSH level coming in at?

    2) if it's high, are you supplementing with iodine? Then you should likely stop intake.

    3) if it's normal, maybe you should begin supplementing with iodine to jump start the thyroid?

    Dave A, I'm still awaiting your post shedding light on the thyroid, Hashimoto's, etc.
  • TSH on my recent blood test came in at 3.10 within normal range (0.270 - 4.20). I use Himalayan sea salt (1 tea spoon with water in the am and throughout the day). It has trace amounts of iodine. Would I need more at this TSH level?
  • Dave thinks that one can supplement up to 1 mg of iodine.

    I also use the Himalayan pink salt. I'll probably eat a seaweed salad once a week and see how my TSH levels react before boost Inge to 1 mg.
  • AndreasAndreas ✭✭
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    Not feeling any improvement. I still feel lousy and have a low temperature, dipping down to 95.6 in the evenings the past few days. So, I went to see my MD at the end of last week, he examined me, and ordered a new round of blood tests. The results came back today and he phoned me to inform me that I had Epstein Barr Virus (EPV).

    This doesn't thrill me. It stays for with you life and can trigger a variety of lymphomas or MS.

    My doctor said the acute phase typically lasts about 6 weeks. I've started week 5.

    He also recommended vitamin C, zinc, and licorice root. Given possible toxins and molds the licorice root gives me some pause.

    Does anyone have any BP ideas for both helping ease the symptoms, recovering faster, and/or preventing it from developing into anything worse down the line?
  • RodRod The Rodfather
    I'm sorry to hear this, I wouldn't worry about it too much, you can hack it for sure! How does one catch this virus?

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • AndreasAndreas ✭✭
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    Same virus as mono so it gets transmitted by saliva and other bodily fluids. Apparently 90%-95% of everyone in the Western world has the virus, but most never experience severe symptoms.

    The virus can encapsulate white blood cells making them almost immortal. Such cells can later become cancers or trigger MS.
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