Bulletproof If Plus Protein Fasting Plus Carb Re-Fuel Days

Under what circumstances (if ever) is it beneficial to combine these different eating strategies?

There were a few other threads about similar topics but I wanted to get everyone's opinion on my logic here:

* (Bulletproof) Intermittent Fasting: (6 hour eating window: high fat || high protein || low carbs ) promote ketosis

* Protein Fasting: (reduce protein intake to less than 15g for 24hrs: high fat || low protein || moderate carbs) promote autophagy and reduce inflammation

* Carb-refeed: (eat more carbs than usual, to break ketosis: moderate-lower fat || moderate-lower protein || high-moderate carbs) to cycle in and out of ketosis; avoid adrenal fatigue

PF + CR:

Dave writes here:

"These carb re-feed days may or may not coincide with Bulletproof Protein Fasting days."


But it's been suggested (without direct source links/evidence albeit) on other similar threads on this forum that Protein Fast and Carb re-feed be separate days, as a Protein fast is aiming for autophagy which someone suggested depends on insulin, thus keeping carb levels lower. Also wrote that a PF day is usually fuelled by high-fat and combining this with the high-carbs of a CR day could promote fat storage.

(read here: http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/13523-carb-re-feeding-or-protein-fasting-whats-the-consensus/ )

bIF + PF:

But what about bIF and Protein Fasting? Can you stay in ketosis and enter the autophagy phase...?

I'm getting used to my morning bpc and not eating until past noon, so I don't want to break this good habit on my PF day...

But is this an effective PF day still?

bIF + CR:

I'm thinking sticking to bpc fasting on a CR day is perfectly fine, because I can just break ketosis during my normal 6 hour eating window.


  • I won't ever carb refeed as I feel better while in ketosis (although I do notice quite a "pump" after the very occasional and excessive carb cheat days I've had -- muscles are rock hard the next day). I also have no interest in doing protein fasting although I'd be interested in hearing more about it.

    As I'm on a ketogenic diet I think intermittent fasting would be quite easy as other than BP coffee in the morning on most days (although certainly not all days) I'm not hungry until at least noon and at times even until mid to late afternoon.

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