Suggestions For A Final Year Architecture Student

My wife is starting the final year of architecture school. The hours and the amount of work required is beyond insane. During the semester, there are several days (literally, three or four days) when she gets no sleep or barely an hour a night.

Her work involves doing drawings on the computer or building physical models. A fair amount of the work is tedious and laborious. Rest of the time, her work is creative and involves solving problems.

I read about alternative sleeping schedules (where people sleep a few minutes every few hours), but she obviously can't take a little nap while in class.

I bought her bulletproof coffee a few weeks ago. She hasn't noticed any more alertness, but she tried it during her vacation. I'll have her try it again during the semester.

Any one have any ideas regarding her sleep interruptions or other things she can do to not burn out during semester?



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