How To Stop Clenching Jaw

I tend to clench my jaw, especially when I'm under more stress. Any Bulletproof fixes for this? When I'm super relaxed and or conscious of it (e.g., on vacation) I can keep from clenching it. But my default is to clench it, especially at work. I occasionally have headaches and I believe I can point to this as a leading culprit. 


I'm curious about two things:


1 - Is there anything nutritional I can do that might help here?


2 - Any hacks to being more conscious about clenching muscles? 


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    I posted this comment before...

    Something i found helpful in relaxing a tight jaw (and help me notice if my jaw has become tight), is to position my tongue on the roof of my mouth, the tip of the tongue just gently touching inside of the top teeth.

    apparently this is the correct/natural resting tongue position, tho not that natural for me. so every now & again i have to think where my tongue is placed & move it if necessary & this will automatically relax my jaw.

    & on the nose breathing topic which we have discussed before, an incorrect tongue position may be more common in 'mouth breathers'... I read somewhere

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  • Apply constant, focused pressure with thumb or finger tips to the trigeminal nerve (either side of the face, just in front of where the jaw connects to the skull), for up to 3 minutes.



    You'll know you've found the right spot based on the amount of discomfort you'll feel when you apply force against the nerve. Don't pull back; apply enough force, consistently, to make it significantly uncomfortable, but endure for as long as you can, for up to 3 minutes. You can either do this one side at a time, or both sides at the same time, depending on your ability to maintain a consistent strong pressure with either your thumbs or knuckles.


    If done correctly, you will literally feel your jaw melt off of your face with an incredible feeling of muscle relaxation, as if your lower-jaw finally said, "fuck it, I'm out of here". This has saved me countless nights, as I am an avid jaw-clencher for stress management. I've gone so far as to position a lacrosse ball on my pillow at night, and for 3 minutes lay my face down on it in the exact position to apply pressure to this nerve. I then flip, and repeat the other side.


    My partner thought I was nuts. But after 3 minutes on each side, I was asleep almost instantly.

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