Standing Desk Mats -- Any Recommendations?

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I just invested in a new Sit Stand desk.  I went with one that has a motor to move up and down (Jarvis), where I can easily get off my chair occasionally or put a stationary bike or treadmill accessory under it if I really want to fitness-nerd out.  It's going to be a lot more ergonomic than my current setup.


In reading around, it sounds like a standing desk mat would be a wise investment.  Now, I'm wondering what might be the safest from an offgassing point of view.  I believe these are usually made in China out of polyurethane.  Any recommendations?



  • Hi Mista, have you found anything? There are some Good ones and Some bad ones. The Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Mat doesn't have any offgassing problem and totally avoid the famous Topo by Ergodriven which has been reported as very smelly!


  • Actually, we're going to get some brand new products from Kickstarter in a month or so. They're anti-fatigue, but they also have nubs and bumps and ridges so you can do foot massages and stretch your calves, etc. I'll report back after we've used them for a while.

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