Reducing Adrenaline/epinephrine In The Brain/body

I've experiencing some anxiety lately which I believe could be a build-up of adrenaline in the brain/body (if this is actually a thing). I'm looking for ways to reduce the amount of adrenaline. One of the reasons why I think it's a build-up of adrenaline is that I've (on a few occasions) taken a small amount (10mg) of propranalol and it clears up any issues almost immediately. I understand that one of the things that propranalol does is lower adrenaline levels in the brain (


However, I'm looking for something a bit more "natural". The only other things I've come across are niacin potentially ( and exercise (seemingly anecdotal claims only, no empirical evidence that I've been able to find).


Are there any other substances or strategies that help to reduce adrenaline. I'm sure something like meditation would as well although I haven't found empirical evidence on that either.


  • In my experience, cortisol is the main culprit. It has a tendency to build up long-term, and that's where it wreaks its havoc. I'm not saying you don't have an adrenaline problem, but "chronic adrenaline" is more like a chronic tendency to react to an event with loads of adrenaline. It's more of a short term thing. I could be wrong about your case, though.

    In any case, lowering your adrenaline will tend to lower your cortisol. Hence, that's why the beta-blockers are working. Those stress hormones kind of work together at the same time to destroy you, ahem, save your life :)

    I'm having trouble finding sources, but I remember reading that magnesium competes with calcium at the pre-synaptic site of SNS neurons, thus stopping calcium-induced adrenaline/noradrenaline release. If I find a source, I'll post it.

    Emotional releases are where it's at. Different for everybody. Crying directly releases cortisol.

    Love/kindness meditation, appreciation meditation, blah blah. The path to stress relief is a journey, not a science. Good luck man.

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