Low Blood Sugar And Bulletproof

Will having a morining coffee with 1tbs grassfed butter and a TBS of Brain Octane oil give a sugar crash? Blood sugar is usually around 80 after eating but many times in the 50's. Not big on carbs since it drives blood sugar lower. No insulin producing tumors. Dr says Chronic Fatigue. weight is 236 height 6'1 mildly active -want to get back to 170 as I was at 15-26 years old -I'm 55 now and would love some insight. So looking forward to getting health back -I'm convinced I will..


  • gnoobergnoober
    edited May 2016

    normally BP coffee should stabilize your blood sugar. if you have problems there, you most probably have a deficiency of some sorts, potassium/calcium/magnesium in the right ratios are a supplement anyone should take anyways, so maybe start that if you are not already doing it. the ratio is 1 part magnesium to 2 parts calcium to 3 parts potassium.


    for example I take 200mg magnesium from mag aspartate, 600mg potassium from potassium aspartate, 400mg calcium from calcium gluconate.


    You could always get a blood sugar meter, too ;)

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