Looking For Snack Bar Recipes

I'm helping out with a class trip for my daughter in a couple of weeks. The places we will be eating are mostly unsuitable for my "diet". Does anyone know any good Bulletproof recipes for homemade bars I can take with me? 

They would need to be able to go without refrigeration for the most part.

Thanks in advance!


  • Could use what Dave does in his collagen bars. Mostly cashews, Grass-fed collagen and brain octane oil. He has a bit of stevia and other trace ingredients in there too. You might be able to look up a similar recipe.

  • nom nom paleo has a recipe called Liar bars (homemade Lara bars).

    Basically you mix in a food processor dates, nuts and/or dry fruit+coconut oil, etc and press them in a squared baking pan.


    I have made some coconut bars mixing shredded coconut+pecans+raisins all glued together with melted chocolate :p


    Beef jerky is also a simple option   

  • Look up Jason Millers Sweet Potato Ginger Brownie recipe.

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