Has Anyone Tried Caballo?

Has anyone tried Jonathan Roseland's Caballo?


He's got a great feed on youtube on smart drugs.



Now he's selling (or crowdfunding at least) his Caballo cocktail on indiegogo:



Look through the video presentation in the gallery. It looks really promising but still seems very expensive. Is the cost justified?


It seems that Caballo won't ship until June 2016, but some people have already tried it.


What were your results? Does it live up to it's promises?


I'm curious because a lot of the nootropics have done very little for me. Trubrain RTDs, Unfair Advantage, etc etc. One that did work was SuperHD by cellucor (a fat burner) but it seems that the ingredients have changed.


Is it also possible that the above didn't work because choline deficiency?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Caballo comes in at ~ $150 a month Canadian.



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