Very High Hear Raye

I have been bulletproof (more or less) for last 6 months. Lately, I have experienced elevated heart rates, heart pounding and slow decrease in heart rate after workout.

Starting point: my resting heart rate was 65hom


I have been drinking BP tea with 2 table spoons of coconut oil. Then I eat a high protein lunch at around 3pm. Lunch is generally chic peas, avocado and yogurt. Every couple of days, I eat sweet potatoes. One day of the weekend, I am a bit relax with food intake while keeping BP regimen intact.

For last 2 weeks, I have noticed my resting heart rate to be around 80bpms. I have a continuous feeling of heart pounding in my chest. Today, I did HIIT for like 10 minutes. Post workout, my heart rate was around 145bpm. It's been two guys and it is still 100+.

I will really appreciate some insights into what is going on.


  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    Maybe you are not eating enough to support your energy for training and your body is trying very hard to compensate. Are you getting enough carbs around strenuous workouts? What kind of workouts you do?

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  • Yeah it sounds like it could be hypoglycaemia. I'd verify your ketone levels to make sure you are actually getting into ketosis if that is your goal. If not, increase carb intake to match activity levels and see if it goes away.

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  • RekaStar Chaser Presents. (I see the spelling mistakes in my question - a result of asking questions on the forum over the phone.)


    I follow pure HIIT (12-15 mins), muscle-building (30 mins) and core (15 mins) with a day's break in between.


    I always have this question what and how much I should eat. In my view, I eat quite heavy meals at around 4pm. This includes a lot of stuff - lentil, chickpeas, broccoli, avocado, nuts, etc. Every other day, I eat 4-5 sweet potatoes. One thing which I have noticed recently is that my heart rate goes up when I eat. 


    Star Chaser Presents - sweet potatoes everyday?


    Could it be that I am not having butter with coconut oil in the morning? 

  • This is confusing as from the basic outline you presented of what you eat in a day it looks like you are getting in enough carbs on training days.. I'm assuming the 4-5 sweet potatoes is on your training day? But I'm not sure about your off days.


    Nevertheless this seems like it could be pretty serious and in addition to getting advice from strangers on the internet, I would probably see a doctor.

    "Men are more easily wooed by imagination then by science" - Will Durant


  • Star Chaser Presents 


    I would have gone to a doctor. Unfortunately, the doctors where I live have not caught up with the latest reserach. If I go to them and tell them what is going on, I would have to hear lectures upon lectures before I get a response, followed by a response where I am the bad guy. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for almost 10 years and all the doctors brushed it off as a psychological problem!!! 


    Thank you for your advice again. 


    All the best.

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