Sleep Hacking With Anxiety Disorder

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I read the article about how needing 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night is false and that one can get by and feel great from just 5 hours. Let's just say, I'm jealous. If I get less then 7 hours of sleep, I am shakey, jumpy, extremely sensitive to sound, and my thinking ability is slow. My anxiety ramps up big time, my thoughts all come out negative. My chest feels tight all over and I'm quick to snap at others. loud sounds make my body react with feelings of dread all over......these are physical sensations. If I have been working out, if I don't get enough sleep my muscles are extremely sore. Not the type

of sore they should be, but more of a sensation that they did not recover.

Maybe one or two nights of less then 8 hours I'll just feel delirious, but if this goes on for more then a few days in a row, my immune system becomes weak and I get sick.

So...... Am I just exempt from this magical idea of sleeping for 5-6 hours a night? Maybe I'm one that actually does need 8 hours to function. I've tried many times to change my sleeping ways. I used to be a full night owl staying up until 4am or sometimes sunrise, but over the last few months have been trying to shift to a morning schedule. My ideal schedule would be get to sleep by 9 or 10pm and wake up at 4am. Right now I struggle to wake up earlier then 8 or 9am.

If it helps to know, I'm a 32 year old woman. I drink bulletproof coffee in the morning with 200mg l-theanine and a second 200mg in the afternoon. I just started taking PS for

cortisol regulation. I eat a pretty much paleo diet. I take l-tryptophan before bed, and sometimes kava. sometimes Benadryl to fall asleep if I have insomnia. I sometimes get what I call "sleep performance anxiety", where if I have to be up by a certain time, I'll worry that I won't fall asleep in time to get enough hours to function. This doesn't happen too often now because I control my work schedule.

Any suggestions?
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