Some Questions About Honey

I have been curious to try out a teaspoon of honey since I have heard so much good about it, not only from Bulletproof but from other sources as well. It is said that you should take "1 teaspoon before bed" of raw honey. But do this mean you need to take it just when you go to sleep, or could you take it earlier? 


I follow the intermidiate fasting routine so I normally stop eating at 8pm and then go to sleep at 10pm (at least that is the plan), but if I take the honey at 8pm, will it have no affect if I then go to sleep 2 hours later?


I have also heard that you should not mix the honey with protein, but I don't know why? (for example another "sleep hack" is to take collagen before bed, but I read you should only do collagen or the honey)


Any pointers on all of this, and anyone who have tried out honey and if it helped your sleep?


Also, is Honey good for you? It is so sweet it really feels like candy..


  • I think the idea is to have honey just before you go to your bed also adding some MCT or Brain Octane if your are in IF so not to break the fast and not spend too much energy on digestion


    Protein would be a hack of its own (so without the honey combination or it might break your fast for good) but that wouldn't hurt to try for yourself

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