Skin And Sense Of Smell Becoming More Sensitive

hey just wanted to rant a bit, I've been doing a pretty strict BPD (sidenote below for details), and noticed about a week ago that my sense of smell has really increased. I never smoked in my life, though until I was 18 lived with my parents who smoked. Anyway, it's becoming kind of annoying haha---I don't feel bulletproof, when I have to dash away from people smoking, or eyes start watering because someones burning their barbeque dinner.

Haha, but this is technically awesome right--my body is finally like "dude you cleared out a lot of shit that was holding me down, and I can actually SENSE the world now." 

I had never thought about myself being sensitive to mold or noticing mold really. Its like my noses toxin warning system is finally retuned.

I smelt mold from an old building walking down the street today; awesome, now I know I can't go near there. But it's also annoying to know I'm going to have to avoid that street... with great power comes great responsibility to act, I guess?

And just yesterday I noticed my skin has become really sensitive. I haven't stopped using the crap toxic laundry detergent I use... but now Im going to HAVE to, it smells horrible now, and is making me itch... 

Anyway, its a blessing and a curse, living in the toxic world and now more attuned to it. What about you guys?


*improvements needing to be made include  exposure to some toxins especially mold, and I only recently started drinking spring water but can often only buy it in PET bottles, eating not totally organic but sticking to lower pesticide produce, and I have tried to avoid industrialized meat but have had some about once maybe twice a week 


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