Somniresonance Sr1

I've had the somniresonance SR1 device ( for a couple of weeks now and I'm really impressed. Unfortunately my Oura ring hasn't arrived so I've made the cardinal sin of not tracking the before and after.

It's a light weight device you stick to the brachial plexus and when you turn it on it emits a weak electromagnetic pulse for about 20 mins before switching off. The device is supposed to entrain the brain into a deep delta wave sleep.

It's been super helpful getting me back to sleep when I wake up at 4 am and my dreams are more vivid. Feel a bit like a cyborg though waking up, pressing a button on a device on my chest, then back to sleep😀

I love the idea of a device which is gentle in terms of the electromagnetic frequency emitted and turns itself off. It would be interesting to develop something with an adjustable electromagnetic frequency capability and experiment with producing alpha waves whilst meditating for example.

When I do have some sleep tracking device I will share the data.


  • Qi_PowerQi_Power I'll help if I can

    Cool, I saw this on greenfield's site. Have you tried any other PEMF type sleep devices ?


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  • No nothing like the earth pulse etc. I do have the Alleva-Wave (Somapulse for horses) now micro pulse ICES is the latest improved model. It's proved quite helpful for my shoulder but not really for sleep.

    I find a strong PEMF effects my mind a bit and I'm not so sure about sleeping with it close.

    I like the SR1 because it's half a gauss and turns itself off after 22 mins.

    Also happy to buy the Oura ring because it's not always emitting wifi or bluetooth radiation. It's very cool by the way. Arrived today and has this zirconium outer shell. Had to look it up on the periodic table!
  • I'm curious to know if you're still using the SR1 with good results?

  • Unfortunately I haven’t found it to be that effective according to data from my ŌURA ring, Still need to find something to improve my deep sleep.

  • I tried this device and noticed no benefits. Apparently, according to the manufacturer, 20% of people do not notice anything. I returned mine without difficulty.

  • Seems like I am one of the 20% it hasn't worked for, have been trying it for last four months with no noticeable improvement in sleep quality subjectively (don't feel rested, sleepy on drive home from work) or objectively (Oura ring deep sleep still typically less than 20 minutes). Not sure what my issue is - HRV is usually pretty low (20 - 30 according to Oura ring) so something is happening with my nervous system.

    I'm in New Zealand and looking to sell my SR1 device if anyone in NZ wants to give it a shot. Customs was quite high when I imported it so makes sense to sell locally if anyone wants it.

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