A Lil Too Much Maltitol -- What's Going On?

hey, so I'm not very knowledgeable about the gut microbiome and gut information at the moment and wondering if anyone can give me a brief explanation;

I ate a little too much maltitol (in form of sugar-free chocolate) today and got my gut rumbling and few hours later had mild diarrhea. This usually happens when I eat too much, and actually, I don't mind the gut gurgling sensation, and recently I've been a little constipated so having a loose stool actually was great. Cleared me right up.

But what's going on with my gut? Did I just do a mass-murder flush out of all my beneficial bacteria and have to re-feed and re-grow a nice gut garden in the next few days? Did I perhaps prevent the broccoli lunch I had from properly being digested and the nutrients properly being up-taken, as I had the chocolate for dessert? 

Anything I should/could do in the next 24-48 hours to support my gut? 

Basically... would you guys say I should try and be more careful about over-doing the maltitol, or any other foods that give me such gurgling digestive effects and loose stools?



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