Ditching Rflp But Need To Keep Losing

I'm 47 years old and very overweight as well as diabetic and hypothyroid. I need to lose 73 lbs and, for my health both physical and mental, the first 30 needs to go quickly. I spent about a week doing a sort of half-baked bulletproofy/rflp-ish stuff and lost 5 lbs, had a carb day, went full-tilt rflp and felt awful & lost nothing. Went back to my modified version and the scale started moving in the right direction. While doing the full rflp I also had the most miserable gas and bloating ever! Am I just being a wimp or am I biohacking? There seems to be no difference in performance between days with some high fat dairy and days with no dairy. Is there someplace out there with solid useful directions older women? I know that I need to do some hormone repair but I developed an allergy to metformin and I've got to get this first chunk of weight off and blood sugar under control immediately. Obviously a pound a day isn't realistic but is 4 or 5 a week? I would really love to hear from other middle aged women who have dropped a bigger chunk of weight doing this.


  • I just started today. I am your age and just plan to do it for one cycle as a way to kickstart my journey. I am nervous about feeling bad but have a long weekend to sit around, if necessary.

    How long did you do it?
  • I did it for 3 days "full on". I've modified it since but still it's going so so slowly. I've been trying to absorb a lot of information about hormones and am feeling just a bit hopeless.
  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    To be honest if you have 73 lbs to lose, 'rapid fat loss' is not for you, it needs to be slow and steady. Just eat the normal BP diet, which is eat mostly green zone foods as on the infographic. You don't even have to do intermittent fasting, just improve the quality of what you eat. Exercise will help, especially weight lifting, and lots of walking won't hurt. Implement good sleep hygiene if you haven't already. Do some type of stress management.


    And set a realistic timeline, you can lose that weight in one year, but not in 73 days as the RFLP implies. 

  • Walter, I do mot like how he says that the fat will just melt away. That just makes it sound like a scam. I do know someone who did the regular diet for the health benefits and lost a lot. I am just tired of my clothes being too tight and not liking what I see in the mirror and then trying to cover up what I do see. So, I will try this for one cycle before switching to the regular bp diet. I am on day two and feel fine so far.
  • Stefistan, I think studies in women, not just us middle-aged women, is lacking.

    If you have milk, it should be raw and from grass-fed cows.

    How much have you losr so far?

    Day one I was up four pounds. I don't know why.

    Since we first lose water weight, did you have to urinate a lot? If so, how long did it last?
  • So I started almost two months ago at 242. Scheduled gastric sleeve surgery and went on the pre-op diet and showed up for surgery at 225. Went in and came out with 5 holes and no sleeve because -surprise!- all my internal organs are reversed. Surgeon couldn't safely do the procedure. Read about rflp on the plane on the way home. I've low-carbed before and some well but then regained. Since I got home, I've managed to get down to 225 in two weeks. Coming from a place of expecting my body to be changing rapidly, I'm even less able to be patient with it. The temptation to go back to 700 calories a day of protein drinks is huge. My rational brain knows that I will screw my hormones up even worse but my Labrador brain is screaming "Bullshit! Either make me thin or give me mashed potatoes and a margarita!"
  • Just plain intermittent fasting with low carb did most of my weight loss; no exercise; no dairy or cheese; no nuts or peanut butter; easy on the BPC. Fast every day AT LEAST 16 hours (I eat dinner at 4 pm, then don't eat again until 10 am, some times I go 20 hours, some days/weeks I do a whole 24 hours). The longer you fast, the more your body uses stored fat. Period. End of story. See www.intensivedietarymanagement.com. Dr. Jason Fung. He helps people reverse type 2 diabetes.

  • Hi there - what's a safe way to transition from RFLP to eating normally again - and do I need to do a re feed first?

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