Exercise And The Refeed/protein Fast Days

I'm doing one workout a week with a couple high-intensity strength training exercises, as recommended by the book "Body By Science."  If I'm following the Bulletproof IF protocol, when should my Carb Refeed/Protein Fast day fall in relation to the day I do my weekly workout?


Also, how should I modify my diet, if at all, immediately following such a workout?  As it stands now, I'm working out on Mondays no more than an hour before my first meal of the day, but I haven't modified my diet to account for what my body may need post-workout.  Recommendations?


  • Hi.. I don't feel that you are working out enough to warrant a refeed more than once every 2 weeks (maximum).  Carb depletion happens when you work out at intensity nearly every day, and if you have more weight to lose, then you will need less re-feeds.  I would wait until your weight stalls or your energy gets to the point of narcoleptic before considering a refeed. Body builders require refeeds 2-3 times a week because they get down to such a low body fat they need to keep their body literally working.. but if you fall over the 15% body fat line (male) then don't bother with a refeed for some time.  It will be counterproductive.  


    You are also not doing any heavy strength training (much of why a refeed is needed is to boost insulin after a heavy strength workout to build muscle).  You will just be stalling your fat loss if you refeed without a) having a body fat percentage to warrant it, or b) doing heavy strength training. If you just need the mental break and want to have a carb night, then do so with the understanding that it is not going to do anything to help your fat loss, except stall it, but at least give your brain a night off. And, only do it no more than once every 10 days at the most. 

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