Help - Intestinal Burning

I usually drink a BP coffee every morning religiously, with up to 30 gr. of butter and up to 3 tbsp of Brain Octane Oil. I have never experienced disaster pants and reacted very very well. It took me some time to lower my carb and protein intake but after some correction, i reached a mild to strong ketosis state (according to ketostyx i am around 4 and 8 mol all the time) and lost already 8 pounds, i am close to my goal.


Unfortunately, since a week every day I experience very intense pain around the belly button area, a burning sensation that diffuses straight to my brain, affects my mood, make me feeling very negative.I also feel very nauseous to the point i fear that i am going to faint plus extra anxiety.

I have reduced the amount of brain octane to 1/2 or 1 tbsp but i still experience the pain. Being a very anxious person, i wonder if that could be an ulcer or something.


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