Allergic Reaction On Rflp

Just wondering if anyone here on the RFLP has had issues with allergic reactions. I have been on the RFLP since the New Year. Everything seems to be going great.. Dropped about 10lbs so far. This past week I noticed that I've started to get an allergic reaction on the sides of my forehead. Just wondering. The alergic reaction doesnt itch it just looks like I've broken out with a rash or something.

The only things that have changed this week are:

I started using Dave's MCT oil instead of Premium MCT Gold (by Ultimate Nutrition).

I've taken maybe 1 pill of Upgraded Aging Formula within the past 5 days.

For my free day we went out and had a burger. There was no mayo, mustard, or ketchup. I had sweet potato fries. (this was about 5 days ago) Only had half the serving. I doubt it was grassfed meat, but it certainly wasnt a McDonalds burger, or something like that.

Tomorrow's my refeed, so just wondering if anyone else's had any experiences with this. BTW, my first refeed was sushi and grassfed beef.


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