Ear Lobe Creases?

A few years ago I became aware of what appears to be a significant sign of either poor condition of arteries or at least a significant predictor of heart attacks/strokes. To my horror I noticed that I have two fairly light diagonal creases on both my earlobes. How much should I let this worry me and anyone have any suggestions on how to correct the appearance or underlying cause? 


Some background info on me: (Hi, I'm new here btw!)


  • 36 years old, white male
  • Grew up very unhealthy. significantly overweight teens and twenties (was 240lbs at heaviest, dieted down to 175 at age 26, slid back up to 190 by 33. Now I live paleo/bulletproof. Been 155-160lbs for 3 years)
  • Light smoker for 10 years (2 packs a week - quit at age 28).
  • Father had heart attack late 50's but was heavy alcoholic and smoker (worked in a cig. factory) 
  • Grandparents lived to old age without issues.
  • Currently seem to been in decent athletic shape (I did the CN tower stair climb in 15 minutes which is exceptional time for a non athlete) 

Thanks in advance for your input.



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