Bpc = More Mucus?

I'm a big fan of BPC and have been doing it off and on for 1.5 years. However, I've also struggled with sinus infections and post-nasal drip over the years. One of the things that consistently comes up in my research about how to prevent sinus troubles is to avoid or minimize dairy consumption. I'm trying to figure out how to reconcile that with dumping a huge chunk of butter into my coffee every morning. :)


I guess ghee might be an option but it seems like a lot more of a pain than just buying my sticks of Kerrygold and I'm not sure whether ghee actually changes things when it comes to mucus production.


Looking for any thoughts here. If I'm wrong about any of my assumptions on the above, feel free to call me out!


  • My personal experience is that butter definitely increases mucus production.

    I switched to ghee and don't have a problem.

    I add an eighth of a teaspoon of sunflower lecithin to my BPC to emulsify the ghee and it works a treat.

    Creamy, frothy and delicious BPC every morning.

    You might want to give it a try and see how you go. :)

    I use Now Foods sunflower lecithin from iherb.com.
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    I'm a mucus machine after over 3 years of Bulletproof Coffee almost everyday! Find it worse in the mornings, not so bad in the evenings. 


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