The Difference Between R-Lipoic Acid And A-Lipoic Acid

Hi  I wonder if anyone know The difference between R-Lipoic Acid and A-Lipoic Acid  as i am going on a protocol using LDN and Lipoic Acid.


Dave seem to recomment R Lipoic acid bot contradict him self in a podcast Saying that A lipoic acid is the natural choice.


I am in dout what to by and can not find any info on this


Anyone know something about the difference ?


Warmth´s from Tine



  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    ALA has S- and R-isomers. The R-form is more biologically active, this form is also produced by the body itself. Both forms comprise supplements labeled as alpha lipoic acid. 

    Supplements with only R-ALA tend to be better absorbed in the intestines, which is why it's the preferred form.


    For more information see this page:

  • Thanks a lot for you info it was very helpfull :-)


    Do you also know if i shuld take R-ALA together with somthing else a Antagonist ?

  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Apparently it goes well with L-carnitine, but it's not necessary.

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    R and S form is used in chemistry naming convention for molecules with mirror images (chiral center). Like if you have a left and right glove they look the same but are mirror images. Only the right glove will fit on the right hand. Therefore it's important in biology to know which form you have. Most enzymes are specific to only one form. The other form doesn't do anything or in worst case could be toxic.

    R and S is based on how the molecules look. You can also experimentally messure how the twist polarized light. It can be to the left (L) or right (D). This naming convention is often used by biochemist (like amino acids) where R and S is more often used by organic chemists.

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