Restore - A Mineral Supplement For Gut Health

Restore for gut health.

Tried searching the forums, but could not find a review or mention of this product, possibly because of the common brand name "Restore"


Many lofty claims here from the Endocrinologist founder, including complete, fast turnarounds of chronic gut conditions where probiotics of many kinds did not help.  The doctor behind it was on a Paleo podcast, and describes 8 peer-reviewed articles coming out soon.


Certainly seems too good to be true, but curious if anyone has experience?  


  • MeatTrainMeatTrain
    edited June 2016

    I saw the product on Amazon. The description of lignite reminds me of shilajit. The multitudes of advertisement on the bottle makes me skeptical. 

  • My Shoemaker certified doctor recommended it for me. I just ordered it from Prohealth. Let you know how it goes.
  • Any update about this product?

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