What If You Can't Have Butter Or Coconut? --Fat Loss

Main Question: If I can't have butter, coconut, nuts and seeds, eggs (even the yolk)...what could I use for the rapid fat loss protocol!? Or even just BP coffee (in this case tea).

Quick backround Info:

I love the idea of bullet proof coffee! But, being ill, my body doesn't handle even bulletproof upgraded coffee well. And due to autoimmune flare up and related issues, my usual thin self has quickly put on 50 lbs of unhealthy tissue. I used to be an athlete but now I am in a lot of pain and it's very difficult to move well. I know this is temporary and I can heal. I had a flare up 2.5 years ago. I water fasted for 33 days and was able to dance and travel and think clearly again! So why don't I just fast again? I may need to, if I want my life back and to function daily (hmm that's kind of do or die huh!?). But, in my current state fasting is a struggle (where it used to feel relatively easy) and I become sicker than ever, etc. so I CAN do it, I just need to DO it. To note, I'm only 25 years old and I currently have the spine of an 80 year old, and a myriad of very intense health problems despite eating 100% only fresh whole foods since the age of 14.

However I was thinking maybe it's a good Ida to do a liquid diet with supplements that is supportive of my current condition while also allowing me to lose a pound or at least half a pound a day (I have upcoming gigs middle and end of this summer and need to be back in shape and also to think clearly and perform optimally. That gives me about a month and a half only!). Let's say losing 30 lbs in the next month and a half is a huge part of what needs to happen (and this makes it easier to function enough to work on remaining health difficulties).

So...Why not BP coffee!?:

Because in this state I have intense food sensitivities and allergies. I'm sensitive to butter(even grass fed or raw grass fed). I have reactions to coconut oil and Products as well!) so what fat could I use if I wanted to do a bulletproof tea rapid fat loss protocol? I've thought of organic 100% chocolate as a fat source, but if I have more than small amounts I have issues. I start sneezing, get hot and cold, have tingling in my hands and feet, migraines, etc when I have more than a little high quality chocolate (or coffee too only worse!) so does anyone have ideas of how I can personalize this protocol given the circumstances? I'm also very allergic to eggs in the US...even local, soy free, organic and pasture raised eggs...which is so sad! Due to my body being all messed up at the moment, I have crazy swollen skin and redness and pimples on my face as well which I know I can clear up with fasting/detoxing

I'd immensely appreciate any recommendations, suggestions, ideas, advice, brainstorming, etc here!

(Ps sorry for typos...using my phone atm)


  • You could try cacao butter and/or mct oil.

  • You could try cacao butter and/or mct oil.

    Thank you! Do you think the cacao butter would have less adrenal stimulating effect than the cacao paste (or 100% cacao)?

    MCT contains coconut unfortunately 🙈
  • I too have coconut sensitivity. In addition to cacao butter I have tried Palm oil and that was great in my tea. I also add some unsweetened hemp milk and blend it all together in a blender.

  • Don't consume the things that are allergic to you, unless you have to. Coffee is a pretty minor supplement in the grand scheme of things. It's pushed hard in the BP diet because Dave sells it. Follow your reactions, not what somebody tells you what to eat. Autoimmune diseases and food allergies can be healed over time, but in the mean time, you can't keep stimulating yourself.

  • with all of your health issues have you ever explored the possibility of mold in your home? i know mold can cause serious effects including auto immune issues. check bathrooms, walls, etc.

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