Intermittent Fasting With Morning Training And Bp Coffee

Hi guys,

I've been experimenting with IF and BP coffee and getting good results.

This is my typical day:

I wake up at 7 and start my training shortly after (yoga or kettlebells for about 30 mins)

Post workout I have BP coffee (approx 30g MCT and 50g butter)

I begin eating at 2pm through to 9pm (All bulletproof)

Rinse and repeat.

This is somewhat similar to the 'Early morning fasted training' protocol found on the leangains IF site (http://www.leangains...ains-guide.html)

The main difference is that I'm not using any BCAA and I'm drinking BP coffee.

What do you guys think? Is this a bad idea? Should I be taking BCAA? Is it bad that I'm drinking BP coffee instead of a decent post-workout meal? I would love some additional insight into my routine.



  • The BCAA’s and the Beta Alanine seem to curve my hunger….

    I start my fast at 8pm…at 9:30 am I have my BP coffee. At 11:50 am I take BCAA’s and Beta Alanine…blast through my work out and eat at 12:30 pm…

    I’m seeing all kinds of gains! My diet is BP + white rice and sweet potatoes... I’m an Engineer by day and a drummer by night….I’m still waiting for my

    Six pack….Every month I get a little closer…..the outline is there…..the caffeine + the beta alanine gives me all kinds of energy…..I went from 20 to 15% body fat In a month…I have plateaued….so it’s time to add another hack…maybe cold showers after dinner….I want that dam six pack in a healthy way….any advice would be greatly appreciated

    my advice is to drink the BCAA's through a straw...don't acid wash your teeth....
  • 'Jason wrote:

    The fact that you are having success is probably the most important, if you add to it, it could get even better. It sounds like the level of training may not neccesarly need a post workout drink, but it wouldn't hurt to have some protein powder, if you notice any losses in strength or you start to have a continuous deficit of energy as the week progresses, have protein powder and a small amount of carbs post workout (you will have to determine how much by experimenting, maybe 9-18g), and again bcaa's are always good to add. Personally I have 1scoop pp before and 11/2 scoops after w/75g kale, also using glutamine, creatine, then 1 hr later I have the coffee. But my workouts are more involved and longer.

    What sort of pre and post workout protein powders do you use? If you don't mind.
  • Thanks for input!

    I suppose my main concern is doing a morning workout and not taking any protein until 2pm. Also I'm unsure how beneficial the butter and MCT after working out.

    I have no problem taking BCAA but how does the coffee factor in? Can I drink the coffee after I workout and continue taking BCAA until I break my fast at 2pm?

    If I take the BCAA and eliminate the coffee, I'm pretty much doing the leangains IF protocol but I really enjoy BP coffee in the morning. I just want to make sure that the coffee isn't negating my efforts.

    Thanks again guys, very informative!
  • Thanks Jason. I'll start with some protein powder after my morning workouts. Just to clarify, I can also have BP coffee after the workout right? (I'll be drinking them from separate cups). Cheers.
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