I Have A Tv Bed And Wifi Extenders, Help :/

So I just got done listening to the latest podcast and I must be killing my sleep patterns.


Because of the lack of places to hang a TV we got a TV bed with inbuilt, sound bar and sub, this runs a streaming TV box as well that we have wifi extenders in place for.

From now on the power and wifi are being turned off, but is this enough?

Under the bed is a built in sub and i'm aware speakers are big electrified magnets, so is earthing the bed enough? I assume its earthed simply by the earth it plugs into the wall with?

Does anyone know of a mattress protector or some kind of deflector sheet I can also place between me and the electronics underneath. 


As a side note I sleep very well, my girlfriend not so much, any advice would be great.


There's no getting rid of the bed,  it cost me too much! 


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