Has Anyone Tried The Tricore Pillows

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I have had a heck of time sleeping the last few weeks with the weather changes and just being so tired.  I was over at my sisters and she had one of these but wasn't sure if it is any good.  I think it is called a tricore pillow. 



  • I have a similar pillow. I love it. Helps me sleep better on my back or side. Has prevented me from sleeping on my stomach. I am a huge stomach sleeper and hate using pillows so this has been good for my back and neck.
  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    This pillow is supposed to be for back & side sleeping...

    So perhaps worth discussing sleep positions...

    I always thought/read that back sleeping was the worst...

    Side sleeping was pretty good; one side was a bit better than the other*. Can't remember which.

    & I thought stomach sleeping was fine, better than back sleeping. Perhaps better than side sleeping. The only negative I recall with stomach sleeping, was to do with face wrinkles.

    more context/info:

    I think some of the conflicting sleep position recommendations relate to certain ailments. Which is why they differ.

    Ie. Good/Best for: gerd, heart, lungs, etc.

    * iirc the sleeping side thing related to the heart & lungs. eg. 1. ~the weight of organs on the heart. 2. ~the left lung is smaller and lighter than the right lung.

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