Shopping For Blue Blocker Glasses (Without Sunscreen Effect)

I'm looking for good blue blocker glasses. I prefer to get the without sun screen effect, so they are not shutting out normal light as sun glasses do. I searched Amazon and bought some I found, but they were not proper blue blocking. I have the blublocker glasses (, they are great and block very well, but have sun-screen effect, as in they are darker then they have to be.


Do you know any place where I can get them? 


Best Alex


  • Thx. I bought a pair of those, and they are not really blue blocking, only blue-reducing. Compared to my blublockers which make blue colors look almost black, these Yvex do not. They don't claim to be blue-blocking either.


    This is the list I bought in 2014 and non were good:



    Sold by: LLC


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    I dunno, when I put these on at night they knock me out like a tranquilizer. Like, I was sitting down yesterday evening, trying to finish an ebook with them on, and I couldn't get through a single chapter before I was nodding off. Is that normal? I'm new to the blublocker thing, and I just put them on around sundown. If I ever have to mess with my phone while I'm in bed I throw them on, too. They seem to work.

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  • Hi, I don't know the research that well, but I thought it takes an hour or more before the Melatonin levels of the brain are impacted to a noticable level, when putting on the glasses in the evening. Of cause there can be individual differences. I certainly don't notice that strong effect. Do you think perhaps you are tired, and putting on the glasses makes you notice that and makes you relax and slow down?


    Anyway, thanks for the input. I'll go look for them again.


    I found my Sas Safety glasses and Junglee and they were definitely not very blue-blocking, I'm guessing at 50% blue blocking despite the color. Blue colors are clearly still very blue through those lenses. I just mention that in case others are interested. I'll see if I can recover the Uvex again, or buy a new pair.

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    I just ordered a pair of the Uvex $8 ones, the price is right that's for sure! will update yall on this thread as to how I find them!

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  • @DMan: 100% blublocking means not even a photon in the blue spectrum makes i through, which is obviously false. Of cause if its 99.5 and they round I guess they could claim 100%. They are not 100% blublocking, but they are very very good, and I have many of them as I wrote in the initial question. What I seek is something that is just as good or near as good as those blublockers, and which are NOT 'sunglasses', that is don't reduce light from other spectrums. I'm supprised if there is no such glasses. I wonder if Dave's 'Irlen' glasses have that property.


    Best Alex

  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    daves does not even take out all the blue he once said but enough.


    there are the computer glasses which are designed working a desk job



    i think they can do what you want. by logic you should not buy a red colored glasses because if you filter out blue you get red and green from the sun and that equals yellow. at least your eyes receptors... however i dont know why you need it exactly and if there is something that works perfectly for your purposes but the yellow computer glasses might be worth a try.

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  • Hi DMan, 


    You are right, I didn't mention the problem I am trying to solve, that would have been useful. I'm looking for glasses that block blue light, so my brain can produce melatonin as if its night, and I can sleep better.


    Thanks for the links, those glasses look interesting. I thought the orange color of the blublocker sunglasses was a necessary result of their blue-blocking ability, these computer glasses are only slightly yellow. If the glasses make it easier to read or watch a monity, that is also a bonus. They seem to leak to much light from the sides compared to the blu-blocker sun-glasses for my purpose, but I'll give them a try.


    Thanks again for the help.



  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    Well all the other glasses should already help with melatonin production because you do not need to turn off all the blue wavelength.


    I was wondering about the part why it may not turn of more than all the blue parts you know. Why you need that.


    You simply need to understand how light works and why red and yellow exist.

    First of all you do not tint the fabric yellow. The fabric will reflect light that turns into color by subtraction from the full spectrum of colors. Hehe So you take the full spectrum (which is basically white) and subtract blue you will get a mix of all the other primary colors (red and green) which equals yellow. If you then subtract a little from the green you will get orange.


    Look into color models and RGB and primary colors and it will become very simple why the glasses or any fabric become a certain color. Red and green equals red. Red, Green, blue makes it white... Red and some green makes it orange. So the orange glasses cancel out some green is what I think. I am an Artist and educator in the entertainment industry and I studied Media Systems so I like geeking out about that and see this as bro science and not exactly what haapens with blue blocker glasses you buy because there is probably even more.... But I say the yellow glasses do more of what you are looking for: canceling out blue and UV but not green or red.


    So maybe find yellow protection goggles if you wanna try that or go and get custom glasses made if you have the money maybe...




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  • I finally bought some glasses, I live in Denmark, hence the delay. I tried the computer glasses like DMAN suggested. They might be good for monitor, but have almost no visual blue-blocking effect. They probably remove the most harmful rays, but I doubt they do much for melatonin production and thus falling asleep, as was my desire.

    I found these
    Blue Blocking Amber Glasses for Sleep - BioRhythm Safe(TM) - Nighttime Eyewear - Special Orange Tinted Glasses Help You Sleep and Relax Your Eyes
    by Spectra479

    They are perfect! They have no sunglass dimming effect, they block all visible blue light as best I can tell (and are reported at 99.8% blue-blocking).

    Best Alex

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