How To Sleep And Deep!

I am 33 years old. One night I usually only 2 or 3-hours sleep and then wake up not sleep anymore. I went to see several doctors and found not to be effective. Everyone has a way to help me to improve sleep?


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    How's your sleep hygiene? It should be completely dark, cool and relatively quiet. Two hours before bed you shouldn't eat anything, nor do heavy exercise. Dim the lights when the sun has set, that includes all technology like phones or laptops. At what time do you go to bed?


    When you have the easy basics right you can start optimizing diet, stress management and supplements.

  • Qi_PowerQi_Power I'll help if I can

    Sleep hygiene is the start, but for most people won't be enough.


    2 biggies quickly:


    1) remove all electronic devices from bedroom, it's not enough to have them switched off, as they still produce an ambient electromagnetic field


    2) minimize ALL artificial lights after the sun goes down, and get good morning light (i'm pushing for 90 mins in the sun these days) 8-11 am is apparently optimal from what i'm learning at the moment.


    If you really want to destroy your sleep issues, kruse's sleep protocol would be a good time/money investment (involves getting some tests if you have serious issues)


    more info here (unfortunately not free, I'm not affiliated)


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