Acne Evening Lotion/cream For Oily Skin

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Hello Everyone,


I'm in my mid-20's and I'm really struggling with breakouts and acne.  After listening to the podcast episode with Andy Hnilo, I've started using the Alitura Clay Mask and find it's helping a lot!  However, I do get terrible acne on my chin and around my jaw-line (not related to the Clay Mask).  My skin is pretty oily. 


I've been searching for a product (equivalent to Proactiv, but all-natural), -- a lotion of some sort that I can apply at night to calm down my horrible acne.  I want to use something that is all-natural but really works.  I'm SO desperate to find a product that solves my skin issues; I'm very tired of having these breakouts.  I'm a twenty-something professional, and I want to feel good about how I look at work.  It's a struggle every morning to cover up my breakouts.


Could people provide suggestions on products that will really help with this?  I would really appreciate it!! Thanks :)


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