Safe For Heart Murmur Patients?

Hi there. I'm new to the bulletproof way of doing things so sorry if my questions are 101 kind of stuff. 


tl:dr: I have a mild heart condition, will BPC with brain octane oil cause harm either in the long or short term?




I often suffer from brain fog, poor memory, poor concentration etc so when I read about BPC with the brain octane oil I was curious. I've gone ahead and ordered the starter pack. 


Here's my problem. I was born with a mildish heart murmur (a mitral prolapse with some blood regurgitation and a 2 leaflet tricuspid valve). These aren't a problem for me at this stage in my life. I'm 26 years old, I can work out like a regular person although I've been recommend against high weight/low rep workouts, I'm not on any Dr recommended diet and I don't have medication. One day I'll probably need an operation but not in the near future. 


Most of the information I can find tells me high fats/saturate diets can cause or exacerbate heart issues.


Here's my question, Will either adding butter to my coffee or the additional fats from the brain octane oil have a negative effect on the health of my heart either in the long or short term?

My condition isn't a problem right but I want to avoid lifestyle choices which either make it worse or make it harder to recover from an operation later in life. 


Any advice would be very much appreciated. 




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