Sweetbeat Vs Stress Detective

Hey folks,  I'm finally getting into HRV and was looking for a good app for IOS.  I downloaded BP Food Detective and got just a lil taste of the full version (Stress Detective).  I had looked into Sweetbeat and Inner Balance a few weeks ago.  I noticed both Stress Detective and Sweetbeat look identical, though I haven't downloaded to be certain just seen screen shots.


Can anyone tell me if there is a difference and if so what they are?  I emailed Sweetwater, but never got a response.  I know Dave is on the board of Sweetwater so it could be the same or just a little bit different.  I'm trying to get the wife on board too as she is due in Aug. and I figure some HRV training could help during the birth process.  Any other suggestions for a good app are welcomed. 


  • The Stress Detective app is just Bulletproof rebranded. It is the same thing. I got the Stress Detective app but I wish I just did Sweetbeat since so far it seems Stress Detective gets the updates much later than Sweetbeat.

  • Glenn GrantGlenn Grant Hack. Dev. Transcend.

    Can confirm, in my experience it seems to just be a rebranding. And unfortunately, as far as app design goes, neither are particularly nice to work with, feel super dated, etc :( I wish the cool/useful things in this world could have the UI/UX to keep up with their benefits :(

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