How Long To See Results?

44 year old, female.  Exercise 5 to 6 days a week (HIIT and/or 3 to 5 miles running). I consider myself to be in really good shape but I seem to have a layer of yuck that I can't get rid of.  I eat clean, paleo'ish, whole 30'ish, low sugar. I am a solid 10 pounds over my normal weight and I'm confounded.  Don't know why and can't figure it out.  Came off a whole30 about a month ago and the scale hadn't changed.  I certainly do more HIIT training than I used to do and haven't been running as much as I used to run but I do not believe I have put on 10 pounds of muscle weight.  I want my frigging clothes to fit!!!!!!!!

I've started BPIF and want to know what kind of results you've seen and how long it takes for the body to adjust in order to shed some weight?




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    Do not do BPIF if you are hammering yourself like that in the gym. you need energy.

    Dave has said many times- do HIIT every 5-7 days. 


    If you are doing it right, you can not do it more often, anyways. The rules from Doug McGuff are really simple.

    Pick the big 5 excercises from his book,

    do each of them with a weight that brings you to exhaustion after 90-120seconds, meaning you literally can not move it anymore, then hold for 10 seconds. No pause, next excercise.

    after your workout, which should last around 20-30minutes- you recover like a beast. And you only go to the gym once you have no hint of muscle aching from the last workout left.


    Do the training fasted and take the protein shake afterwards. collagen/whey 50/50 is best. colostrum is a great addition. or just get upgraded whey with upgraded collagen.


    Only do running if you really love it. it's not like it's healthy.

    sure, walk around, get your 10000 steps, do vibration.


    Do you do BP Coffee every morning? Also make sure to meet your nutritional needs (protein!) in the limited time you have between lunch and 8 PM.

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    I find it's more about what you eat and how much than exercise. Exercise if for health, not weight loss in reality.


    As for losing the weight and how long, that's a question that would be almost impossible to answer on an internet forum (imo). The 'one size fits all' approach (which doesn't really work) which is all 'we' can offer on a forum, with the info given, is Replace some less desirable foods with better choice and eat a little less than you're doing now! 


    If you're looking for better advise, you'd need to supply way more information (imo).


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  • just to clarify, I was trying my best to summarize dave's position here, not my own :)

  • "Only do running if you really like it.  it's not like it's healthy"


    So we've selectively chose to ignore all the studies on BDNF and aerobic exercise...?


    I second Katolotus...weight loss is more about how you eat than about exercise.  As a former Personal Trainer, I could only control what people did when they were with me for 1 hour.  Unfortunately, I had little control on what and how much they put in their mouths the other 23 hours. 


    I agree we need more info. and do your HITT sessions 1-2x/week. 

    What does your HIIT consist of? 

    Is it resistance based or sprint based?

    Are you doing any resistance training for the legs or is this all upper body? 

    When you do your 3-5 mile runs are they at or below ~135-140 bpm for your HR? 

    Have you had your hormones checked lately? 

    Do you have any other underlying medical conditions? 

    Do you get enough sleep?

    Have you been dealing with any life stressors? 

    Do you get enough salt in your diet? 

    You say your Paleo-ish, Whole 30ish, does this mean you still have wheat or other grains that are pro-inflammatory now and then? Have you ever made it a full 30 days without any of the grain based foods?  If you think it's food related, check out Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution.  He has a good elimination program for the most common, and not so common, offending foods.

  • Haven't eaten grains in about 3 years except for a splurge on a birthday, for example. Sugar was my demon for a while and that's been slayed for the most part.  That's not to say I don't eat sugar every now then, however.  When I run, I'm running at about a 9 minute mile (not nearly as fast as I used to be).  I don't love it but I love the sweat and I'm certainly working the elevated heartrate at about 140.


    I haven't had my hormones checked in a few years.  The last time I checked, everything was within normal ranges except for cortisol.  I get plenty of sleep.  I have no real stressors at this point nor do I have any underlying medical concerns. I'm considering having all of my hormone levels checked again however, because based on my diet and the way I work out, I should have the perfect (or close to perfect) body for me.  


    My resistance training includes squats (with weight and without, sometimes high rep, sometimes low rep and heavy weight), push ups, pull ups, some chest press, etc. I alternate between cross fit type workouts and tabata and typically get in about 300 abs a day (5 days a week).  The workouts are typically 20-30 minutes.


    With respect to food, I make good, clean choices on the whole.  No preservatives/additives/gluten/wheat and minimal cheese and sugar.


    I just feel stuck.  For what I do and how much effort I put into my eating and my body, I am discouraged.

  • You could check out the thread..."I can't figure out my close to my goal."

    Sorry, I can't do links on my work pc, some stuff just doesn't work.

    You should also figure out your cortisol.  Figure out why it's elevated.  I'm pretty sure there are a number of threads on that one too.

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