How Long To Fully Detox?

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I own my hair salon and occasionally, I have to be exposed to chemicals that I am allergic to. I do understand the the importance of avoiding environmental toxins but in this industry...very difficult. I do use Oway Hair Products which are so far, the healthiest professional products I can find.


My main concern is the allergens and toxins being stored in my fat cells from those rare occasions I use non-healthier alternatives. When I am actually exposed to these toxins, my hands break out with contact dermatitis. This allergic reaction lasts about 4-6 weeks until I have flushed everything out of my system (I think). I know that many drugs people consume are stashed in their fat cells. The rapid fat loss protocol talks about how effectively your body can remove these toxins from your fat cells and should take some charcoal caps and some liver support. Is there a quick way to remove toxins like these from your fat cells or does it just take time like with drugs and pharmaceuticals?

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