Oxaloacetate/oxaloacetic Acid Powder

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Due to the very high cost of the Upgraded Aging product, I searched for an alternative loose oxaloacetate/oxaloacetic acid powder that was cheaper, and while I could not find any alternatives for a good 6 months, I have finally found a supplier.

They provide a COA for their product.

While it is just isolated oxaloacetic acid, you could always add your own Vitamin C if you wanted to mimic the UA formula exactly.

If anyone wishes to get the details, PM me and depending on when you get back to me, I could either organize a group-buy, or if later just send you details of the supplier to organize yourself.

The cost would work out to be less than 1/10 what you'd pay for the UA product.

At the moment, I've been quoted $135US for 100g, with shipping, to Australia. Shipping to another country may change it slightly.

If you want in to the group buy, you'd need to commit to at least 100g yourself, and take care of money transfer (I won't handle money and take no responsibility for delivery).

You're welcome.


  • what is the advantage of the group buy? :)

  • adammannadammann
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    what is the advantage of the group buy? :)


    A significantly cheaper price more so than what I've been quoted so far just for what I wanted (100g only)...hopefully.

    I'm awaiting confirmation on cost for different amounts of the powder.

  • gnoobergnoober
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    thats great. eager to hear the quotes. :) maybe change the title to something like "[GROUP BUY]: Ocaloacetate Powder" ?

  • A few questions.

    Why such the large amount? 100g is insane considering the recommended dose for life extension is 100mg/day, meaning at the minimum dose you are suggesting we buy 10,000 doses??

    Have you tested it yourself and/or are you willing to provide a copy of the COA before purchase?

    I'm confused by what you would determine a "group" buy, would you get a larger amount then split up the powder into other packages?

    These questions were just quick and I'm happy if you respond via pm rather than on the forum

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    @Jistbug , @adammann has not signed in since October 7,
    Perhaps if you pm him, he may get an email alert (?)

    fake it till you make it

  • I'm totally not worried. If the substances are as good as they appear to be, being an alpha tester is not my priority. Obfuscation in all health seems to me to be counter to everything that science is attempting to work towards. Even though Dave does it through bulletproof, ie calling oxaloacetate keto prime or upgraded ageing, at least he has a somewhat reputable brand now that needs to uphold its image rather than just some guy on an internet forum.

  • The best oxaloacetate supplements that I came acros are from the DYNVEO antiaging company from France
    I have tried many from all around the world and this one in combination with Resveratrols also from same company works wonders !!
    I usually order on line reversaging.com or my family is shipping / bringing it to me

  • The company turned out to be useless... Just kept stringing me along until they apparently ditched even making the product.

  • Someone went on Alibaba

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