Taurine And Testosterone

I've been wondering about this bit of info for a while, if it's even relevant if overal taurine is being ingested in the diet every day from meat etc


Take Taurine To Raise Testosterone

Taurine has been proven to raise testosterone production in males, while not raising the concentration of estradiol, an estrogenic hormone. A study in Amino Acids measured the effect of taurine on testosterone and related sex hormones in rats and in test tubes. In both studies, results showed that taurine stimulated testosterone production, but only if the amount of taurine administered, which was administered in drinking water, was below 400 microgram/ml—above 400 micrograms/ml testosterone production was blunted.

The ideal dose in rats appears to be 10 microgram/ml of taurine.  In the test tube study, when taurine was not administered, testosterone production went down, indicating that for normal testosterone production,  taurine is necessary. A suggested dose based on studies ranges from 3 to 5 grams of taurine a day for an 85 kg man. 

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