Albumin, Osmotic Pressure, Fatigue/low Bp, Ed, Etc

This is a hodge podge of info here, something I'm recently finding very interesting for potential overall health, athletic, sexual, etc performance/issues


Apparently, albumin is required in the blood to ensure that the water component of the blood does not escape into the body tissues. Osmotic pressure has the tendency draw the water out of the blood stream, and into the tissues. The role of albumin is to set up a counter-pressure, called oncotic ( pressure, which has the tendency to pull water back into the blood stream. So the water volume in the blood is set by the balance of the opposing pressures: osmotic and oncotic.


Low serum albumin (hypoalbuminemia) levels are a marker of disease. I just wondered if low albumin might be common in chronic fatigue syndrome, thereby possibly explaining the low blood volume?


Gallstones in the liver obstruct the passage of bile through the bile ducts, which impairs digestin and distorts the structural framework of liver lobules. This diminishes the liver's production of both serum albumin and clotting factors. Serum albumin is the most common and abundant protein in the blood, responsible for maintaining plasma osmotic pressure at its normal level of 25mmHg. Clotting factors are essential for the coagulation of lood. Insufficient osmotic pressure cuts down the supply of nutrients to the cells, incluing those of the reproductive organs.

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