Supplement Quantities On Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

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Hi fellow Bulletproof Humans!


I have read Dave's request that we try not repeat things on here, but alas, I didn't find anything related to this and so I decided to post. If this has been dealt with before, please do let me know!


I've decided to try the RFLP; but I'm not American and so I've been using supplement brands that are available to me. This has brought up some questions, and I was hoping to hear some of your opinions!


First of all is the Vitamin K2. Dave recommends 2000 mcgs. On the label of the brand I have, it tells me that each capsule contains 120 'µg's. According to Google, Âµgs and mcgs are the same measurement. So following the math, I would have to be taking roughly 17 tablets a day? I wouldn't mind, (heck, you gotta take so many capsules anyway) but the bottle says to take only one per day. Should I purchase a different brand - that has a higher amount of Vit K2 - or is 120 'ugs' per day sufficient?


Secondly is the L-Glutamine. The Protocol says to take 20 grams at 11 am and then up to 20 if you feel tired, weak or hungry. Now this is all fine and dandy; except that my bottle recommends that one only take up to 12 grams per day. I would have ignored it and trusted Dave's quantity recommendations but, taking 20 grams turned my stomach into absolute water. Should I a stick to 12 grams per day as recommended by my particular brand, or b try taking 20 grams again in the hopes that the initial reaction was simply due to my body's inexperience with the stuff? 


I'd appreciate any sort of input!


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    Is Dave's K2 rec for mk4 or mk7...

    & which type do you have (mk4 or mk7)

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  • Is Dave's K2 rec for mk4 or mk7...

    & which type do you have (mk4 or mk7)


    According to the description on Amazon, Dave's rec has "vitamin K1 and the MK-4 and MK-7 forms of vitamin K2 in just one daily softgel". 

    Mine has both! 93 Âµgs of MK-4 and 27 Âµgs of MK7.

  • Look for life extensions vitamin K as it has everything Dave recommends and at the best levels! using it stopped my nose bleeds and my teeth are stronger :) take it with some fish oil and vitamin D for best effects!

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