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I am a therapist who works with a lot of sexual abuse and compulsive sexual behaviors, both of which often have significant underlying anxiety/depression, hyper-vigilance, and compulsive/impulsive thoughts. I am also interested in working with my own anxiety as well and why I would like something I can use at home regularly in addition to my practice.


I am not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask this question, and I have been doing a lot of research online to try and find more information, but basically I am really wanting feedback from individuals who have used both NeurOptimal and LENS, including: pros/cons, real-world results/observations, and any other aspects I should consider when trying to decide between the two.


I have searched this forum for this information as well and didn't come up with much information and would be appreciative if anyone can share their experience and/or point me to resources/threads/links that would be of help to me.


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  • If you're a therapist you should learn how to use a 2 or 4 channel EEG amplifier and be able to adjust the protocols, not a plug and play system. Every brain is different, and while training along the motor strip a la Neuroptimal may give some results and some changes, this can easily be done with a simple EEG amp and software while being able to do many more protocols that will be effective if motor strip training doesn't deal with other underlying issues, which it won't.

  • Scott,


    For your patients, I would recommend getting a variety of devices and be prepared to allow your patients to select one that they like.  I use CES, audio-visual entrainment, HRV training, tDCS, and will be receiving my Nervana headphones on Monday.  CES is great for people who have patience, it will eventually deliver the goods.  The goods are SO good that I don't do talk therapy anymore.  CES is better than most talk therapy.  I do a little CBT, but that's about it.  Audio-visual entrainment is great for people who are really suffering.  People in pain respond very well.  People with really bad PTSD do well with it.  People in active SI do well with it.  CES is great for people who have good executive function, but maybe are really selfish.  I get a lot of short-term takers with HRV but nobody seems to stick with it.  tDCS is something I rarely break out, mostly because I have a bit to learn yet.  I have had some professional instruction but don't feel comfortable treating patients yet.  The Nervana headphones... I don't even have them yet, but a new patient firmly committed to buying a set to help her daughter get off the benzos. 


    I can't get anybody to use my sauna, and the handheld red LED and infrared heater paddle are slowly but surely helping me restore the feeling in my feet.  I have a client or two who might benefit, we'll see whether anyone takes me up on it.


    The EEG is next for me, but I need one that can do a complete QEEG.  It's not going to be cheap.  I might ease into it with Brain Paint and see what that does for me.

  • Anyone interested in selling their Nervana?

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