Glutathione Side-Effects? Is It Working?

I had been taking the Jarrow brand of glutathione (reduced) for a week.  I didn't want to start spending money on Gutathione Force until I knew I was deriving some benefit.

Within a few days, my thirst and hunger increased very dramatically and I started gaining weight, even when I didn't add more calories to my diet.  Does anyone have a reasonable explanation for why the hunger and thirst increased?  Also, how do you know that glutathione is working to detoxify.  Is there some type of test to determine what the outcome is of taking glutathione?  Essentially, how would I know if I'm benefiting from detoxification or if I just made my urine more expensive without any benefit.


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    I take the glutathione force and that makes me very thirsty too! When I did research on it, I found that this could be because it's stirring up the toxins in your body and you need more water to help flush them out. I haven't experienced being hungrier in glutathione but I know that you're likely to have cravings while detoxing.

    With regard to expensive pee, sometimes you can tell because your urine might be bright green. This used to happen to me all the time with my old B vitamin (I've obviously switched brands since then). I remember one of Dave's podcasts saying you should avoid taking glutathione with any kind of fat. I always take it before I go to bed with a big glass of water because then I know my stomach will be empty.

    Hope that helps :)

  • I have started Listening to Dr. Masterjohn's podcast. Pretty good so far. Here are two relevant podcasts on glutathione I found interesting:


  • Side effect is to lighten skin tone. But aside from taking Glutathione you may try Vitality26 organic face cream and serum.

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