Review: Bulletproof Coaching With Jason H.

I recently had the last of 8 weekly Bulletproof coaching sessions, coached by forum member Jason H. It was a positive experience and I’d recommend it, and I also think Jason did a great job adapting the coaching to my situation. 


Because it’s called “Bulletproof coaching,” you might think it’s all about supplements and green-zone foods, but that is not the case at all. It seems to be a lot more about improving general performance in a variety of facets of life. For example, my three desired outcomes involved productivity, body composition, and energy levels in the morning. Of course supplements and food can be involved in all of those to some degree, but I’d say we spent less than 10% of our time on details like that. Instead, it was more deep-dives: are there mental blocks to overcome for productivity, or specific strategies to test out? Is there some larger issue affecting body composition? I don’t know how much mindfulness is part of the standard Bulletproof coaching plan, but I came to the coaching having recently started a mindfulness meditation practice with the Headspace app, which we expanded considerably beyond the app. This fit into the coaching very well, and ended up being a sort of force multiplier for all my desired outcomes. Through meditation sessions and also through brief mindfulness check-ins throughout the day, I was able to reach some new insights on my work output. I also was able to note some bodily responses to foods that I hadn’t noticed before, which may be affecting my body composition over the long term.


Skype video coaching sessions are definitely a little outside my comfort zone, but Jason seemed to have a good mix of being conversational while also following a coaching plan, and I ended up looking forward to the sessions. There are some mindfulness practices that tend toward the hippy side of things, but are also useful, and I found Jason’s attitude toward them very helpful. He’d acknowledge that they seem a little weird, but also explain their value, and I’d end up being able to go into them with an open mind and have since gotten a lot out of them, including applying them to some difficult decisions. I’m not sure I would have gotten as much from them were they taught to me by someone else. 


Jason also was able to ask questions from a different perspective in a way that furthered my progress. It’s one thing to attempt to increase productivity, but questions like “what would an ideally productive day look like?” are a useful shift in perspective. While it’s easy to think you might ask those questions on your own, the reality is I rarely do, and the coaching context seemed to add value beyond what I could achieve on my own. 


When I did want to get into specific foods, supplements, or any other fine-grained biohacky stuff, Jason was of course fluent, as evidenced by his posts here. I also came into the coaching getting some weird results with Coca pulse testing (The concept the BP Food Detective app is based on.) Was my increase in pulse due to specific foods, combinations of foods, or something in my environment? Was this valuable data or was Arthur Coca a quack which is why no doctor has paid attention to him for 50 years? Jason was a great sounding board for these questions and helped me calibrate the amount of attention that I should pay to this specific biohacking project. He also suggested I apply the mindfulness work to this problem, which was helpful: if I get a mildly elevated pulse from one food but do a mindfulness check-in and don’t actually feel crappy, I can weight that data differently than another food that actually does make me feel crappy. Without the mindfulness work, I don’t think I would have noticed the more subtle differences in how I was feeling. 


Overall I have made progress on my goals through the coaching, as well as added tools to my toolkit to help me make more improvements on my own in the future. It was a valuable experience and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to improve general performance. 


  • Wow. Good timing on this. I have been needing help with some things in my life, and this definitely has given me an avenue to explore. Thanks!
  • John BrissonJohn Brisson The Legend Formerly Known as Ron Swanson ✭✭✭

    I did coaching with Jason as well to help him get his BP certification. I went into it thinking I knew everything, haha, but Jason helped me a lot with relaxation techniques. They always say that even counselors and doctors have to see other counselors and doctors, they cannot always help them self, and this could not be farther from the truth. It was great to be able to talk with Jason and bounce ideas off of him he helped me out greatly. Jason helped me decide on a workout routine and kept me honest. Jason hopefully soon will be coaching people on Fix Your Gut, improving their lives. I believe he will be invaluable to the Fix Your Gut brand and I cannot thank him enough for his help.

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  • Jason HooperJason Hooper ✭✭✭
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    I have submitted all of my documents, but don't have my coaching credential yet.  In the meanwhile, send me a PM and I'll give you a free session.


    Wow. Good timing on this. I have been needing help with some things in my life, and this definitely has given me an avenue to explore. Thanks!

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