After Meal Cravings

edited July 2016 in The Bulletproof Diet

Hi, I've been on the bulletproof diet for over 2 years now I can claim with great confidence that I'm very sensitive to mold. I've come to the point where I can try different foods and feel when I ate something that was good for me and when I ate something that was kroptonite.


I've been trying alot of different foods and a lagre amount of them still gives me cravings shortly after I finish the meals.

typical meals for me is grassfed meat with alot of vegetables and butter/brain octane, bonebroth with vegetables and grassfed organ meats. Could this be becaese I still havn't learned how to prepare the food properly, poor food quality, hormone imbalances, tired adrenals or something else?




I drink bulletproof coffee every day and it gives me instant superenergy without any cravings what so ever for 8 hours. Perhaps this is because there's only 3 ingredients in it and it's very easy to prepare.



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